About Oil and Gas Unlimited International

Who we are

Oil & Gas Unlimited International Corp. is evolving in a strategic way to becoming one of the world’s leading independent qualified organisations in commercial mediation, trade of oil products and major raw materials, a point of reference for the consultancy and services related to the purchase and sale of oil and petroleum products.

Oil & Gas Unlimited International Corp. trade through a diversified portfolio to find potential suppliers of oil products, such as oil refineries, traders, agents and investors.

Oil & Gas Unlimited International Corp. design and build photovoltaic plants, wind plants and other structures that generate energy.

Members of

Oil & Gas Unlimited International Corp. is a member of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association.

Our Values

Our values follow the principles of fairness, transparency, honesty and integrity and this is why we adopt the highest standards and guidelines in managing the activities in all the contexts where we operate. Observance of the universal principles is embedded in the business model and is carried out mainly in the responsibility through compliance current regulations and the adoption of the highest standards.

Our Team

The team is very keen to build important relationships with the outside world in order to maintain a constructive dialogue aimed at generating and developing best practices that allow it to present itself as a reliable and competitive partner. Added to this is the tendency to seize business opportunities even taking into account the development of social economic contexts in which it works. Oil & Gas Unlimited International Corp. makes use of major international banks for trading operations worldwide.

Edward Sawiris Banayoti

Edward Sawiris Banayoti has a distinguished record of ethical leadership. Edward Banayoti is the Founder (retired) of defence, security, and global intelligence experts Defence Unlimited International and the CEO of the Canadian League of Lobbyists & Advocacy Professionals (Canada).